Topeka Compounding


We are excited to celebrate 33 years of service to Topeka and surrounding areas!  Thank you for your continued patronage!

Veterinary Compounding


King Pharmacy offers pet insulin products as well as a variety of other veterinary compounds!

Hormone Replacement


Individual consultations are available by appointment!

King Pharmacy


King Pharmacy is a compounding only pharmacy in Topeka, KS that provides customized medications for patients and animals at the direction of a health care professional.

Dosage Forms

Do you have trouble taking your medication? Wish that there was a more convenient, or less painful way to take your pain or hormone medication? King Pharmacy's compounding pharmacists are capable of turning most medications into everything from candy to topical gels. Call for more information!

PCCA Accredited

IACP Accredited

KPHA Accredited

Q. Does King Pharmacy work with my insurance company?

A. Because different insurance companies have varying benefits associated with compounded medications, King Pharmacy will not directly bill your insurance company. If your policy covers compounded medications, King Pharmacy encourages you to manually file a claim to your insurance company. See our insurance page for more information.

Q.What are your pharmacy hours?

A. We are open from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and major holidays. Please call in advance if you have questions or believe you may run out of your prescriptions!


Q. Do you sell commercial products? Can you quote me a price for my name-brand prescription medication?

A. No, we do not sell name-brand medications like some large pharmacies do and we can not quote prices for name-brand medications. We do not compete with retail pharmacies.


Q. Will you contact my doctor for me if I request more refills than prescribed?

A. Yes! We will gladly contact your doctor for you if a renewal prescription is needed. As long as your prescription has been compounded by King Pharmacy previously, we would be glad to take care of this for you.


Q. How do I aquire a compounded prescription?

A. If you discuss compounded prescriptions with your doctor, encourage them to contact our pharmacist. We would be happy to answer any questions they have.


Q. Can you get a transfer for a compound that I am purchasing from another pharmacy?

A. Yes! We will contact them and obtain the transfer for your compounded prescription.


Q. How do I get a price quote for a compounded medication?

A. Call or bring in your compounded prescription. We will gladly come up with a formula and call you back with a price.