Topeka Compounding


We are excited to celebrate 33 years of service to Topeka and surrounding areas!  Thank you for your continued patronage!

Veterinary Compounding


King Pharmacy offers pet insulin products as well as a variety of other veterinary compounds!

Hormone Replacement


Individual consultations are available by appointment!

King Pharmacy


King Pharmacy is a compounding only pharmacy in Topeka, KS that provides customized medications for patients and animals at the direction of a health care professional.

Dosage Forms

Do you have trouble taking your medication? Wish that there was a more convenient, or less painful way to take your pain or hormone medication? King Pharmacy's compounding pharmacists are capable of turning most medications into everything from candy to topical gels. Call for more information!

PCCA Accredited

IACP Accredited

KPHA Accredited

About King Pharmacy

pharmacist.jpgKing Pharmacy was started in 1987 by Jim Schwartz, RPh, as the first Compounding-only Pharmacy in the United States, targeting its services towards health care practitioners in the fields of Dentistry, Veterinary, and traditional medicine. King Pharmacy has been well accepted in the local community because we do not compete with traditional pharmacies and we have reciprocal relationships with several  retail pharmacies in the region.

King Pharmacy addresses issues with patients who have fallen through medical cracks.  We work with patients with issues that mass-produced drugs are not targeted towards, or drugs that are no longer available. We are able to offer alternatives to patients with allergies to chemicals in mass-produced products, or are unable to use medications in the dosage forms provided by mass-produced products.


Our philosophy and science of targeting drugs towards individuals has generated a following that advocates our existence. We have strong relationships with doctors across the country, as well as patients who depend on our compounding pharmacy for the quality of life that mass-produced drugs have not been able to give them.